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Boutique Teeth Whitening

Lots of our patients tell us that they are unhappy with the colour of their teeth, one of the simplest solutions to help brighten and whiten teeth is with Boutique Teeth Whitening Gels.

We have used Boutique Teeth Whitening system for many years as it is award winning and it is designed to fit in with your lifestyle for simplicity. It can only be supplied by a dentist, with this in mind you can trust it’s a safe process and also trust it’s effectiveness.

The first step would be to visit us for an oral health check with a dentist, to ensure that you are dentally fit. They will then take impressions of your teeth and send them to a dental lab to make bespoke whitening trays. A few weeks later they will be ready for your whitening treatment to begin.

Depending upon your lifestyle, we offer Boutique by day, 6% Hydrogen peroxide. This is designed for people who want great results with minimum wear time. This formula whitens the teeth with as little as 1.5 hours per day. The alternative option is Boutique by night, 16% Carbamide peroxide. It is designed for people who want great results without the inconvenience of wearing trays during the day.

The dentist will advise you to whiten your teeth at home everyday for 3-4 weeks and will invite you back for a review. Results can last between 12-24 month depending upon lifestyle. The more tooth coloured foods/drinks you consume will depend how often you need to top up. We recommend to top up at least once per month to maintain your results.

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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

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